About Me

Marko Zabreznik has 5 years of experience in Web design. Starting off with Magento, Joomla! and others, Marko quickly worked his way to WordPress where he now spends most of his time in Web Design. His knowledge is only deepened by being in charge of Slovenian translations of WordPress.

GNU/Linux and Free/Libre are words entwined with his every day life. In 2007 he started working on web terminal/kiosk systems and in 2010 he presented his paper on free electronic kioks in Eucys2010. The work done for the research spawned many free software plugins and adaptations found all over the internet.

Other projects include electronic signage, network architecture ( Mikrotik and Cisco experienced ) and data storage/processing. Having a wide knowledge of various Business Architectures, he is also capable at Business Process Modeling.

His favourite tools/languages are PHP(CakePHP)/JavaScript(jQuery)/CSS, Visual C#, C++ but has experience in Python, Bash, C, and many more.

Titles and certificates include:

  • Diploma of Computer Science and Information Technologies, University of Maribor.
  • (Academic) Cisco Certified Network Assistant (CCNA)