No skeletons in my closet

I recently rediscovered a fun dynamic of unlocking the screen to remove a “layer” from the background image. And there went the better part of my evening. Here is a example with betty boop undressed [sic].

2016-08-05 20.08.25    2016-08-05 20.08.28


Vectorized with Inkscape. Orchestrated with Sketch. Inspired by Michael Paulus – Betty Boop Skeleton. Betty Boop is a property of Fleischer Studios, Inc.  Mobile service provider, Telekom Slovenije.

FxKeyboard 3.0 Alpha

Version 3 brings much anticipated changes including a language switcher, working tab, fixed width etc.

Under the bonnet the whole plugin was rebuilt, serving localisators better now with more options.

Hackers will have a fun time with this plugin, as the code is clean and straightforward – making any kind of specialised keyboard is easy.

Leaflet for small spaces

Leaflet is a great lightweight JavaScript module for showing all kinds of maps – but not really small ones.

The next version 0.8 (currently dev) helps with that.

The next snippet creates a CRS called Metric, while similar to the Simple CRS, this one has a scale of exactly 1 meter and is not bounded by degrees of latitude/longitude.

Additionally, the next snippet is a patch to the Scale Control, that goes away with the Earth CRC and uses our custom one to display a perfect meter scale (and imperial, bah).

Update 15.7.2015:

An example custom map is here. with PyScripter (& PythonPortable w/ PyPi)

During my Udacity Class CS258 I was introduced to You can read up on Code Coverage on Wikipedia but I would also recommend the free course on the subject via Udacity.

To get running on your installation, the easiest way is using the console command easy_install. If you are using PythonPortable, you need to navigate to AppScripts before executing the following command:

easy_install coverage

Easy, wasn’t it?

PyScripter is a neat IDE packaged with PythonPortable. It has a feature called External Tools (found under the menu Tools->Tools). To make a neat shortcut you can “Configure Tools..” under the same menu.

Here are two shortcuts, one for running coverage on one file, the other for constructing the HTML:

Parameters=run $[ActiveDoc-Short] $[CmdLineArgs]
MessagesFormat=$[FileName] $[LineNumber]

Caption=Coverage HTML
MessagesFormat=$[FileName] $[LineNumber]

Just pasting this inside PyScripter.ini does require some additional fiddling, so I recommend just using the gui. The new commands will appear inside Tools->Tools. The generated HTML will be inside the scripts working directory.

Now go do some coverage testing!

Wise Timetable to iCalendar Converter in PHP

Wise Timetable is a software for scheduling used by many universities and schools.

This gist is a PHP script to parse the classes using the specified courses and convert them to a format most calendar software can read.

Thus one can grab the schedule with eq. Google Calendar or any other web/desktop/mobile app.