FxKeyboard 2.4.1

The latest of FxKeyboard, the virtual keyboard for Firefox has been released today.

The changes from the last addons.mozilla.org release (2.2.1) are:

  • new languages: it-IT, ru-RU
  • new settings: ability to set font styles
  • new api: ability to set fields that the keyboard ignores
  • bugfixes

16 thoughts on “FxKeyboard 2.4.1”

  1. Hi Marko, I’m developing an interactive kiosk and think of using this keyboard. But I live in Brazil and try to put some accents that we use here (“ã”, “will”, “â”) had problems. I added ()
    but I can not join him the letter with the accent and the result is (“~ a”, “‘a”, “^ a”) or (the “~”, “to”, “the” ^ “). You have to help implement this? Thank you for your attention and create a wonderful application that will help me a lot with this project.

    1. There is no reason the plugin wouldn’t work with any letters, just remember to save the file as UTF-8 without BOM (use notepad++ or something).
      When you are done you can send me the file and I will add it to the plugin.

  2. Hi Marko
    It is better than windows 8 keyboard:) It is possible to add a Polish, or other fonts by the long press key?
    Please Polish fonts!
    Best regards!

  3. Hi Marko! You do great, simplistic, smooth operation programming.. thanks! The US Economy & Job market is horrible right now but once I’m back on the up & up I won’t forget your contribution with this program. I believe in paying it forward.

    My ? is: Are there any shortcut or hotkeys such as Ctrl + (x) or Alt + (x) combination keystrokes that can be pressed on my wired keyboard to control some limited functions of the virtual keyboard.. or even ways a mouse can achieve them? The primary need I have sometimes is to quickly prevent the virtual keys from coming up for a very brief moment. There’s a few sites that need to open a popup when I click the link but the virtual keys keep popup pushed down even if the virtual is hidden & I avoid clicking in a blank that are normal triggers for fxkeys. Right now I have to go into addons & disable fxkeys til im done & go back to enable them, then restart firefox. ? any solution?
    By the way, I left a 5 star review for it on mozilla page. Thanks man!

  4. Hi Marko,

    I tink will be nice to make an ON / OFF button in tool bar for the FxKeyboard because when i open a new tap the FxKeyboard is jumping up and is annoying!

  5. Hi Marko,

    Your keyboard is amazing and thank you for creating an addon that really helped me out. One question or request, would it be possible to add the numeric keys to the default keyboard page, like say a laptop keyboard would look? again using the About:config to turn that feature on and off?

    1. That would be easy to do, just change the layout in the source. I wish I had the time or support to make everything people want to do with is but I have to pick my battles – its on github so I’ll be happy to merge that in.

  6. Hi Marko,

    The keyboard is missing the underscore sign 🙁

    Is there an easy way to customize it?

    I would appreciate getting in touch with me through email because I have a couple of inquiries to ask, all of course to be paid for 😉


  7. Hi Marko! It is possible to add the button of switching of languages on the keypad? The keypad with two languages, RU-EN is necessary. It is ready to pay for this finishing.

  8. Hi Marko! It is possible to add on this keypad switching between languages. Two languages, Russian and English are necessary. It is ready to pay for this finishing.

  9. Hello!
    Today i downloaded FxKeyboard and i liked it. But i want to have in FxKeyboard a additional keyboard with numeric keys also(rights from base keys, as usually 101-key keyboard). If you can do it, i ready donate arround 50$ for this work. If you interesting it, please contact me: dmitrypro@kinocharly.ru

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

    – Dmitry –

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