ScreenSave 2.0.0

A new version of ScreenSave for Joomla! is out!


  • JavaScript completely redone in jQuery (thus Joomla! 3 support only)
  • option to pick a image position style
  • option to pick a animation
  • opacity removed for now

3 thoughts on “ScreenSave 2.0.0”

  1. hello, but this version also works for 2.5.9? If it does not work for this version are you planning to make one? thanks

    1. Sorry, the plugin is 3+ only.

      If you want to use it on 2.5 you can probably just include jQuery and it should work, but I didnt check.

  2. I don’t know, but it doesn’t work in my homepage… The image Link is right and in the Firefox Inspector, i can sea the URLs and the JavaScript… In which position do I have to put it? In my opinion it doesn’t matter, beacause of the % values in the .css. Am I right? WHats the problem? Does anyone has a working example?

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